Aluminum Auto Body Repair in Maryville and Sevierville, TN

We offer a full line of services after an accident or normal wear and tear from driving your vehicle in all conditions. Our technicians are certified by several manufacturers but we work on all makes and models.

  • Inspection and Assessment: The first step in repairing an aluminum auto body is to thoroughly inspect the damage and assess the extent of the repair needed. This will help determine the appropriate repair method, as well as any additional parts or materials that may be required.
  • Preparation: Once the damage has been assessed, the next step is to prepare the damaged area for repair. This may involve cleaning the surface, removing any damaged or broken pieces, and sanding the area to create a smooth surface for repair.
  • Alignment and Clamping: Before any repairs can be made, the damaged area may need to be realigned and clamped into place. This is particularly important for more extensive damage, as it helps ensure that the repair is both effective and long-lasting.
  • Welding or Bonding: Depending on the type and extent of the damage, the next step may involve either welding or bonding the damaged area. Welding involves using heat to melt and fuse the damaged pieces back together, while bonding involves using specialized adhesives to hold the pieces together.
  • Filling and Sanding: After the damaged area has been welded or bonded, it may be necessary to fill in any gaps or holes with a body filler. The filled area is then sanded down to create a smooth and seamless surface.
  • Priming and Painting: Once the repair has been completed, the repaired area is primed and painted to match the surrounding bodywork. This helps protect the repair from rust and corrosion and ensures a seamless finish.
  • Quality Control: The final step in the repair process is to perform a quality control check to ensure that the repair has been completed to a high standard. This may involve inspecting the repair for any defects or imperfections, as well as testing the repair for strength and durability.

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